Life on a Cattle Station.

One month into our 88 days regional work on a Cattle Station in the Australian outback.

From the tropical rainforest in Cairns to the middle of the northern territory outback. A drastic change of weather and pace. After a terrible first experience of trying to gain our 88 days regional work to count towards our 2nd year visa we we’re running out of time. But by pure luck we’ve landed right on our feet on an incredible cattle station roughly 250km or 155 miles for all my British readers from the nearest town. Although, Neutral Junction is a quirky little town in itself. There’s a shop that sells all the essentials and hot food for the cowboys and the aboriginal community thats just 5kms away. Theres also a school on site for the aboriginal children. In the shop we make the children smoko and lunch; depending on the day theres normally 15 – 20 children. There is nothing else around but red sand, cows and more cows that spans across roughly 1.2 million acres of land! 

After our first few failed attempts at trying to gain our 88 days we had given up hope and we initially decided to give up with it. Fortunately we rethought it and decided to give it another try and we’re both so glad that we did. We get to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity in the beautiful outback of Australia. I’ve witnessed the most stunning sunrises and sunsets and at night the sky is crammed with stars for as far as you can see, and you can see the milky way with the naked eye, It truly is incredible. 


If you had of asked me 2 or 3 years ago if I could live on a farm with limited wifi, no phone signal and secluded from the towns and cities I probably would have laughed. I’ve lived in a town all my life and have never been away from the hustle and the bustle of the city life but I’m so glad I get to experience a different way of living. Nearly a month has passed and I’d say we’ve both settled into farm life pretty well. Everyday we learn something new wether it be a cattle station term or a life skill, there is always something new to be gained. 

However it isn’t all fun and games it is incredibly hard work. The days are long and the work is physically demanding but it makes the trip to the pub on Sunday just that little bit better because you feel like you’ve earn’t it. Also not forgetting that I get to feed the poddy calves occasionally which is of course my favourite job!  




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