The fear of socialising.

How do you conquer being an unsocial, unconfident and anxious individual?

How do you conquer being an unsocial, unconfident and anxious individual? 

I found my answer through the trials and tribulations of travelling. Although I’m not a solo traveller and I’m on this journey with my boyfriend meeting and socialising with other backpackers was always a big worry for me, which I’m sure is the biggest worry for all travellers. But don’t panic everyone’s in the same boat and there are many ways to meet and socialise with fellow backpackers. For instance –

Facebook –  “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.”
It may seem obvious but there’s no better way to connect with others than through Facebook. Even before my travels began I was connecting with others that I knew were going to be in my UltimateOZ intro week. It’s also really helpful to talk and communicate with people who have already travelled and can answer any questions that may be stressing you out. Speaking to others who are in the same position definitely, eases the pressure.

Hostels (HostelWorld) – “Meet the world.”
The best and easiest way to meet fellow travellers. Everyone is a backpacker so the likely hood is they all want to meet other like-minded people as well. Try hanging out in the main room, kitchen and movie room. These are probably the best places to strike up a conversation. Most hostels hold daily social events and games with lots of discounts on nights out which is perfect for a backpackers budget.

Tours and excursions.
If you’re nervous about exploring a new place solo your best option is to book a tour, whether it be just a day tour, a week tour or even a month tour. There are endless options. There are various tours and companies that offer different things to suit different needs such as age, experience and ability. My first two months in Australia consisted of only tours. My first week I did the UltimateOZ intro week. My second week I did Surf Camp Australia and then I travelled the east coast with Loka. Three amazing tours where I got to explore a slice of Australia and meet some incredible people and make some friends for life.

Apps! We rely on them every day whether its games to cure our boredom or maps to get us to places we can’t find. There are hundreds of travel apps to make travelling and socialising that little bit easier. Below I’ve put together a list of my favourites.

  • Couchsurfing – “Meet and stay with locals all over the world.”
  • HostelWorld – “Meet the world.”
  • Skyscanner – Compare and find cheap flights.
  • Google maps – There are many map apps but I find google maps the most reliable.
  • TripAdvisor – “Read reviews, compare prices and book.

Be brave.
Talk to people, backpackers, locals, tour guides. They will all be able to help you in one way or another. Whether it be telling you a cheap bar to eat and drink or a local telling you about a quiet waterhole to swim. If you don’t ask you’ll never know. What is the one interest all backpackers have in common? Travel, which is an excellent starter for a conversation. Ask about plans, previous travels. All this information will no doubt benefit you in some way and you may be able to give something back in return. The only way to meet new people is to talk, simple. Once you are confident enough make sure to help out new travellers and make them feel comfortable as well.












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