UltimateOZ intro week.

I imagine like most people you’re umming and ahhing about whether to go with a travel company or braving it alone when you head to Oz. I’m not here to persuade you but I’m pretty positive that by the end of this post your mind will be made up.

For myself, I went with a company called UltimateOz and had an ultimate time in doing so.

Firstly I’m going to do a run down of costs. The price of the programme ranges from ยฃ539-ยฃ559 this includes

  • Accommodation at Sydney’s number one hostel WakeUp!
  • Welcome dinner with pizza and drinks,
  • A guided tour of the city, the opera house and darling harbour.
  • Bar crawl
  • A presentation about working and travelling Australia.
  • Boat party with lunch included.
  • 2 night 3 days at beach camp.
  • 4X4 sand dune tour.
  • Sandboarding.
  • Bushwalk through Tomaree national park.
  • Dolphin cruise. With a chance to get close to the dolphins in the boom net.
  • Bondi – Coogee beach walk.
  • Job support.
  • Bank account and tax file number set up.
  • A trusted location to send mail.
  • Help and support from all the amazing tour guides at the UltimateOz office.
  • Buddy list, so you can get in contact with other people on the same week as you.
  • Photo’s from every activity uploaded onto Facebook.

To view the full itinerary and for more information click here.

It’s a crazy action packed week but it’s an amazing way to kick start your travels and meet new people and to get a rough idea of what you want to do after that first week. I ended up booking onto Surf Camp which normally costs $695 but because we were on the intro week we got a discount of $100 off and I had the time of my life at surf camp. Myself and my boyfriend both spent $600 each in the first week which seems like a lot of money but others in our group spent $1000+. It all depends on how much you like to eat and drink. Now we’re spending as little as $500 between us a week living in Cairns. Budgeting was not our strong point in the first week but it comes with time.

In my opinion, I think this week is totally worth the money especially if you’re a first-time traveller. Although I didn’t travel alone me and my boyfriend were still both pretty nervous but we met some amazing people in our first week and continued our travels up the East Coast with a lot of them and made some friends for life. The tour guides are also super helpful and friendly and by the end of the week, they’ll become your best friends as well.

Personally, my highlight of the trip was base camp where we got to meet the super friendly kangaroo Josie and get your mandatory kangaroo selfie.  This is also where you get to hit the dunes and get a face full of sand which doesn’t sound fun but believe me it was. You also get to break your ass in the back of suped-up military truck and travel across the dunes in style. You then get to finish the night off with a reptile show where you get to meet and hold Australia’s native wildlife. The night is then rounded off with beer pong, drinking games and a late night walk to the beach to continue the sesh. This was definitely one of the best experiences of my Australia trip so far.

Feel free to ask me any questions about UltimateOz or Surf Camp.
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Also, you can watch UltimateOz video here!


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