The heartbreak of losing your best friend.

Milo 2000 - 2017

I was six and he was new. Being so young I don’t remember much, I just remember my mum bundling me onto the ferry and not telling me where we were going. I remember arriving in this unfamiliar house that I had never seen before, with people inside who I had never met before, where were we? I remember going inside and being greeted by lots of puppies. My mum looked at me and told me I could pick one to take home. My six-year-old self couldn’t contain myself. I remember all the puppies running around my feet and then my mum pointing behind the TV unit where there was a shy puppy hiding from all the excitement. As soon as we spotted him we knew he was the one. We took him home and introduced him to everyone. At the time I was fixated with the kids TV show ‘The Tweenies’ so I wanted to call him Fizz, unfortunately, my mum didn’t agree because he was a boy and Fizz was a girls name apparently. After going through all the tweenies names Fizz, Bella, Jake and Doodles, we Finally decided on the name Milo and from that day on we were inseparable.


He was a whippet/cocker spaniel so he was always full of energy. He always kept me on my toes and in high spirits. I remember when he was younger he used to jump onto the work surface in the kitchen and eat the cat’s dinner. Everything he did I found hilarious. We used to walk together, run together, sleep together. We did everything together, in every house we lived he would always have a bed in my room however, he always tended to sneak into my bed, he had a habit of sneaking under the covers as well, he was my radiator. He was so docile, we introduced two new dogs, a cat and numerous other pets into the family and he didn’t bat an eyelid, he accepted them all. He was the friendliest, kindest animal I’d ever met, I was proud to be his owner.


I had a hard time in senior school, I was bullied and I missed quite a lot of school due to illness. I struggled to make friends but I always knew I had my best friend to come home to. As he got older his arthritis in his legs became worse and he was becoming senile, he started walking into things and falling down the stairs a lot. We took him to the vets regularly to make sure he was ok and he wasn’t in pain and every time the vets would tell us he’s an old dog but he’s healthy for his age. When I was about 20 I decided I wanted to travel but couldn’t face leaving him at home knowing I probably wouldn’t see him again. Two years passed and he was still holding on strong, my parents told me that I should go because I shouldn’t put my life on hold. It was the hardest decision to make knowing once I left I would never see him again. It was the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to say. I remember taking him on his last walk with his ‘brother’ Donald. Milo always acted like a dad/mum towards Donald and would always wash him and look after him. I remember saying goodbye to Milo for the last time, fighting back tears and the lump in my throat I hugged him and kissed him goodbye.

Five months into my travels I got a phone call from my dad and I had this gut feeling that it was about Milo, He told me that he wasn’t well and they were going to put him down so he could be at peace. At the time I was shocked and hung up the phone without saying a word back to my dad. After a day of thinking it over and coming to the realisation that it was for the best, I phoned my parents because I realised it was just as hard for them as it was for me. He was 16 years old, he lived an incredible life and he made my life very special and gave me the best memories and childhood anyone could dream of. He was cremated and my parents paid to have his ashes put into a nice urn. I dread the thought of going home and him not being there bumping into things and running around like he’s still a puppy. I’m eternally grateful for getting to spend 16 years of my life with my best friend.

Rest In Peace Milo.
Gone but never forgotten
2000 – 2017.


One comment

  1. Hi Rachael
    That was a beautiful life story about our wonderful dog Milo. Most of all Milo loved you with all his heart & would do anything for you. 1 do remember that when you use to come home Rach, you only have to bend your knees & Milo would run around the house & garden like Bambi on ice. Milo will always be with in spirit & we will never stop loving him.
    Beautiful blog Rachael.
    Love Dad xxx


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