Even backpackers have bad days.. or weeks!

Backpackers, don't forget to check your water levels!

Where do I begin? As you all probably know being a backpacker isn’t all beautiful sites and amazing trips it most definitely has its downs as I found out this week. My string of bad luck started on Tuesday, I had just finished a good day of working on an old horse farm which was fun. I finished and got into my car which had been sat in the sun all day, not thinking anything of this I drove to pick up a friend. After picking him up I could smell burning, I just presumed it was coming from another car. Silly me, I stopped to get petrol and could still smell the burning but yet again didn’t think anything of it. I’m not a mechanic why would I think anything was wrong. We got about 2 miles down the road before I stopped at a traffic light when all of a sudden the car wouldn’t start and I noticed smoke coming from the bonnet. Next thing I know the light has gone green, I’ve a couple pissed off Aussies behind beeping their horns which by the way really helped the situation. So I’ve whacked my hazards on and got out to push the car to the side of the highway. Luckily there was a really nice older gentlemen that got out to help us push. So we’ve pushed the car to the side of the road, everyone’s staring, the cars steaming, it’s 36 degree’s, Straya. The old fellow stayed with us as neither of us really knew what we we’re doing. We popped the bonnet and steam just filled the air, he grabbed a quilt and some water from his van and took the cap of the radiator and it was bone dry. After numerous attempts to fill the radiator up, it continued to just pour straight out the bottom. By this point, it was 7 PM its starting to get dark and the mozzies are out in force. The old guy recommends we don’t drive it home and we get towed back.

16839757_1270169109742041_1542371252_n.jpgFair enough we have breakdown cover so that’s fine, what wasn’t fine was the 3-hour wait in the dark, at the side of the highway getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Oh yeah did I forget to mention this was Valentines day? 8 PM we’re now sat in the boiling car when we hear tyres screeching and a huge bang, an accident has literally happened right next to our car. A domino’s driver and an older lady have literally just had a head on collision. So now there’s our car, the two cars involved in the accident and a witness all squeezed in a tiny lay-by at the side of the road. We get out to see if everyone’s alright, luckily they’re fine, they exchange numbers and details and they leave. 16838024_1270169116408707_1276617426_nIts now 9PM at this point we’re pretty run down and we’ve lost count how many people have shouted out their windows asking if we were ok, when finally the tow driver arrives but wait, he’s already got a car on his town truck. He then shouts out of his window “I’ve just got to drop this one of and then I’ll be back”. Famous last words, an hour later he arrives and I’ve never been so happy to clamber into the front of a tow truck. After an awkward silent drive, we were back!

The next morning I must have called every mechanic in Cairns to see if they could come out and have a look at the car. Everyone was fully booked so I had to bite the bullet and pay for a hire car for a few days to get to work and back. Finally managed to get a mechanic out on the Friday. It’s now Friday and the mechanic ‘Dirk’ takes a look at the car, Dirk then tells me exactly what I already knew that the radiator was busted and it needed to be replaced. I had to pay Dirk $99 for the privilege of him telling me that. He then hits me with the bad news that I’m going to have to pay $525 for the radiator to be replaced and he couldn’t fit it until Tuesday. Thank you Dirk.

After the start of the week being a really terrible one it started picking up, myself and Lynchy were working in part of the Kuranda national park where we were lucky enough to see three cassowaries. Unfortunately, there was torrential rain on the first day and stupidly I had left my passport in my bag from using it to rent the car. So I’ve woken up this morning to find all the ink in my passport has leakedit’sd its no longer usable. So I’m currently in Australia with no working car, no passport but I have seen a cassowary. 16839757_1270178026407816_538251523_nMoral of the story is to look after your belongings! Always check your engine temperature and water levels in your car and keep your passport in a waterproof case. Don’t make the same mistakes I have this week and it will save a lot of stress. Hope you all got a laugh out of my week I’m sure I’ll look back on it in the future and laugh as well.


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